A Day in Black and White…

One day last January, a trigger-happy young girl sat looking out her kitchen window with nothing to do.  She picked up her little blue camera (which was so new that there were features she hadn’t even discovered yet) and fiddled with the dials.  This picture was taken around 6:00 PM with a light cover of snow on the ground.  The specks in the lens flare are snowflakes flying off the roof, I think.

This is a horizontal angle.  A bit overexposed, I’d say.  But I’m drawn to it.  Inexplicably mystified.  Follow the light, I remind myself.  But obstacles in the path place themselves so close to the Souce of Light that they almost block out the truth entirely. By faith, Diane, by faith, I remind myself.  And so daily, I live in the Light and experience such unregrettable moments, far beyond description.


3 thoughts on “A Day in Black and White…

  1. i loove these pictures, as i’m sure you knew i would. especially the first one where you can see the lamp post… oh so rotic 🙂

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