There’s a new camera in the house and she’s an Olympus EP1.  Only one thing is better than the ultra-cool outer design, and that’s the freedom it gives when I want to change specific settings.  And though that may come as trifling to some of you pros out there, I’ve never had any other camera other than digital, so this is pretty big stuff for this little girl.  I’m undecided as to my favorite features; it’s either the spectacular art filters, the adjustable aperture, or the in-camera editing  🙂

Pin Hole feature:

Eric, you might recognize this boutonniere 🙂

And here I played with the aperture a bit…

Cappuccino pie for supper.  Table shots were great, but it lacked a bit.  My impromptu cake stand was a paint can 🙂

I noticed the last one was focused sharper and a bit more dramatic.  I love the how stretching this camera is!

In-camera editing:

So please tell me what you think!  And any tips welcomed…


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