A Journey Into the Snow

If you held real still, you could hear the massive flakes hitting the tree.

The snowstorm was what lured me out into the cold. I wanted to get shots of the the snowflakes. My imagined destination was the forest. But as I stepped out the door, this is what immediately grabbed my attention:

It’s hard to describe how a shot ‘grabs’ me. I will be wandering aimlessly, just being. My eyes will land on that infamous clump of burrs, that dispicable bush you want to avoid in every season. But, it’s snowing now. So after a moment, I will kneel down, push through the sticks…

I did not know my camera could do this…

Okay, out of the woods and into the field…

Is it wierd that I have an insatiable appetite for tiny fields of depth?

I hope not.

Have a great day and be inspired.


2 thoughts on “A Journey Into the Snow

  1. the tiny dof does get a little stale. mix it up, experiment a little. if there’s snow all on the ground, do a panoramic from the top of the silo…? stuff like that.
    or sneak it into church and get bored people shots….lol

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