When Disaster Strikes…

…you find out what you’re really made of.

All of my pictures were stored on a 500 GB external hard drive. A few weeks ago, I dropped that hard drive. And the next time I wanted to use it, the computer was unable to recognize it. After a few examinations, it was estimated at a $950 repair job. My parents have decided not to repair it at the moment, and it’s been a little hard for me to accept. Finally I came to the realization that this might actually make me a better photographer. Because I’ve had to build from scratch, I’ve been made to work harder to get memorable, worth-it photographs. This has been good.

The above photo was taken in the middle of the night, with the help of a trusty car and a wide open field. It’s only a dandelion — a pretty poor dandelion, honestly. But I like the way it glistens and takes on new colors in the harsh glare of a headlight.


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