Little Faces of Messiah Fellowship

The Church Picnic was a perfect way to capture the ‘littles’ in all their naturality — smiles, giggles, free-spiritedness and all. Oh it was so much fun!

Meet Alex Kratzer, one of the happiest little boys in church.

Little JJ Kauffman. He’s a miracle baby. His mother was misdiagnosed with something else when she really had a ruptured appendix. After the doctors performed surgery to fix that, she went right into labor. The natural labor was what saved them both.

His big sister Bethany. It is so hard to get that girl to smile! But once you get beyond that shell, she’s the giggliest creature you’ll ever find. She just can’t stop! She has so much fun with her second cousin, Kristi (next picture), whose family just joined our church. In the next picture, I got them to both sit on a wide swing, and gradually they started giggling, the laughter growing larger and more uncontrollable until they were both laughing so hard they very nearly fell off. I was getting a little worried 🙂


More of Alex…every time he threw the softball, he made an ‘ohh’ face, and it changed to a grin when he was handed the ball. Simple things. Simple moments.


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