Emerald Memories – Rathmoilan Cliff


This day might have been my favorite of all the ones we spent in Ireland.

First of all, I need to give some kind of background: When we first arrived, we were taken to stay with Colin’s, one of the families from the church there. We stayed with them from Thursday to Tuesday, a long weekend. They are from Wales in England, and still speak with the British accent. It was like living a dream to be surrounded by this kind of talk. Everyday conversation was taken to intriguing heights! Again, I often found myself smiling, with no real conscious thought in my head. Colin loves to discuss and dissect, so he and Dad were often at it together, from the Apostolic Church to the Amish. And sometimes when Colin finished a thought, and Dad went to answer him, there was a trace of British in the first few words out of Dad’s mouth, making me and Mom smile at each other.

We had great fun with Colins. He and his wife, Rachel, have five daughters, ages fourteen to six. So many memories were made with them! Their daughters are all charming and friendly, and it was so much fun getting to know them and seeing them open up.

Meet the Pattens:

From left to right: Grace (8), Esther (14), Monty the dog, Marian (10), Colin, Grace (6), Rachel, and Martha (12), holding Millie the dog.

Since Tuesday was our last day with them, they prepared a large meal for us as a farewell. We had roast beef, steamed cauliflower, peas and carrots, roasted potatoes, and little baked things called ‘Shire Puddings’ that reminded me a lot of popovers. For those who don’t know what popovers are, they’re about the funnest things ever to bake! They rise in such a way that it looks like they might ‘pop over’ out of the pan. They were delicious, especially when served with a thin beef gravy. Ahhhh. I can still taste them. So good!

One of the best parts about where Colin’s live is that it’s about five minutes’ walk to Rathmoilan Beach. It’s a beautiful place, and it captured my heart in so many ways. And my favorite cliff walk ever happened there that afternoon after the lunch dishes were all cleared away.

The weather was good. Overcast, but not too cold. We climbed the steep ascent to the cliffs, and what lay at the top was delightful. Absolutely delightful. A thick, soft grassy area that I decided had to be a moor. They never trim the grass up there, so it grows and grows until it’s thick and bouncy. Oh it’s so much fun to jump off from a hedge into that grass!

What more can I say? My heart was ravished with all the beauty up there. Every moment provided something to photograph. The clouds, the wildflowers, the cliffs, the waves endlessly kissing the shore. Each moment was a delight. We lay in the grass, watching the sky, or listening to each other, or just being. Living in this moment was a joy. Again, knowing that God chose us to enjoy this. Right now. Here. Today.

There’s a little footpath which goes all around Ireland that they call the Cliff Walk. It’s well-worn and charming. Really charming. It descends down to every bay and beach, and winds through fields and moors, offering gorgeous overlooks all over. Sometimes it’s steep; other times almost untraceable. But it’s always there, just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Here is we, ascending the path up the cliff, with Rathmoilan Bay on the right side of the photos.

Maybe I’m sentimental, but this close-up shot of the moor is dear to me because….well, it’s hard to explain 🙂

Here are Colin’s wife Rachel and her youngest daughter Ruth…

And here are Dad and Colin. Another favorite!

My shoes…I took lots of photos of my shoes in odd places. On the road, on the beach, in the grass, in the woods….

We found remains of a huge egg…sort of scary to think what might have laid it. Soon after that we found a few wormies so we gave it a bed 🙂

Yellow. Just Yellow.

She stole my heart.

Returning to Colin’s house. On the far right, you can see the Celtic Sea. Also you could see it from the kitchen, our bedroom, the bathroom….ahhhh.
So concludes the post of Rathmoilan. This was only the second time we were there and if it were up to me, this would be a daily thing! Pretty sure I left a significant part of my heart in Ireland. 🙂


One thought on “Emerald Memories – Rathmoilan Cliff

  1. Diane, Very well said. All of it. Both posts. I was there last November and again this summer. I loved loved loved it. I too left a significant part of my heart in Ireland on the coast. I loved the sea. The smell. The sounds. The sights. The taste on my lips. Everything about the sea.
    I spent my last week with a British family here in Bangladesh and we were all dreaming about scones with jam and tea. I might have to move to one of the islands some day. I also want to go to England in a year or too. We’ll see but I can’t imagine that it can beat Ireland. 🙂
    Would love to hear more and see more pictures. Pictures don’t quite capture the green but they sure bring back lots of memories.
    I’m glad you got to go and enjoy it,

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