Inspiring People: Katie Davis

It seems I first heard about Katie a very long time ago, but it could have even been last year. I typed in her blog url after my best friend had recommended it to me, and I spent a good amount of time reading all her posts and going back into her history. And what I found stunned me. Katie went on a mission trip to Uganda, a trip that changed her life, and now because of that, she is living a story we all dream of! She has a purpose and a vision, and most of all, a LOVE – for Christ, for her family, for Amazima, for Uganda, and so many more. Surrendering completely to whatever Christ calls her has required her to leave her comfortable surroundings in the U.S. and rip apart every part of her that thought she had rights to the basic necessities.  She heard God’s call, she followed, and God has richly blessed her ministry. From temporary foster care of three girls to permanent mother of fourteen, from fourty sponsored children to sixteen hundred, from tiny front yard meetings to building a large fellowship area with donated funds and equipment – God has been so good. Now she’s written a book and you can learn more about it here. Her blog (and I’d recommend every one of you to go check it out) is

Katie’s story is here today for us. Just watching the video below once has already driven me deeper into what God has in store for my life. I feel His call, and I know I can’t resist Him, so I’ve surrendered. I don’t exactly know what all this means, but I know He’s promised to lead me into right path’s for His Name’s sake, so that’s good enough for me 🙂

Here is a video of Katie’s story. It’s only part one so I’d encourage you to go to the Amazima’s Youtube account and see the rest of this story and other videos they have there.

What about you? How has God spoken to you lately? Feel free to share. I’d love to hear all about it 🙂

Also, what are some ways we can feed the orphan and clothe the naked from right here?


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