Trip West Part II: Bay Tralee

Our experience at the Tralee Bay was amazing. To say the very least. Here’s the story:

We arrived at the Willows Bed & Breakfast an hour or two before sunset Thursday evening. We’d spent most of the day driving, and part of it walking around a tourist trap so a few in our group were sort of exhausted. But the rest of us (mostly the younger part) was excited and ready to explore new territory. So the first world we conquered and claimed was the B&B. Into every room we went and up and down all the staircases we ran *a few times*. After we girls claimed the room in the eaves, I turned on the electric kettle for tea, grinning to myself, What an amazing, gorgeous life. Then we all scrambled downstairs to pour through the guestbook, examining all the names and exotic locales that had proved their existence and presence on this very place in Ireland.

Having come close enough to the western coast to smell it and yet not being able to see it, the younger portion of our group was eager to see it yet before bedtime. So we begged and pressed, and the older portion eventually gave way and we were off again. We drove through town, where there was a local carnival going on, and where there were lights strung up through the streets (so magical), and past farmlands with cottages and fields. Eventually we caught a glimpse of the bay, but it was a public beach – sort of trashed and cheapened, if you ask me. Then we discovered this long drive out to a certain monument of a man in a victorious pose pointing over the water somewhere. So we went. After all, what else could we do? 🙂 And what we discovered nearly blew our hats off.

We sang, we talked, but mostly we were quiet. The scene of the sunset on the water, the beauty of the sky, the adventure that had brought us to these moments…it was beautiful. So inspiration was heightened and many photos were taken.

The town of Tralee was so cute…

Fields full of cows and sunflare…and for the record, I really did feel crazy for sticking my camera out the window and clicking the shutter without predetermining the shot 🙂

My precious Mom and I. I am so glad we took time to capture this photo. It’s one of my favorites from the entire trip. This photo also features my Irish sweater 🙂

“My Feet in Strange and Unique Places”

Something about the colors….I LOVE this photo!

While we were standing there, a group of sailboats appeared and sailed right past us into the bay. Dan thought it might have been a sailing class out for a lesson. Or it could have been a race. Either way, it made for a splendid show!

Soon sunset reached its zenith, and shortly afterward it grew really cold and we headed back to our B&B. Here’s one of the last shots:

After we arrived back at the Willows, we gathered in the front room to gab. And oh, the stories, the jokes, the laughter! I considered those moments exquisite. The adventure we were on, the friendships we were sharing, the history we’d made together as a group of traveling friends; it came together to this moment and I felt its cresting wave wash over me. And oh, what a glorious realization that was! Sometime after midnight we retired, and I stuck my head through a window to look out over the town and its night lights. With the nightly breeze on my face, the Irish stars overhead, and the town of Tralee sparkling away, I felt this was really true living.

And that concludes our adventure at Tralee. But there is so much more to come! Please stay tuned!


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