Trip West Part IV: the Willows Bed & Breakfast and Conclusion

And so our Trip West is nearly at a close. The biggest adventures are now told, and so we are left to wrap up all the little details and put a pretty bow on it. So here goes!

This was our evening snack Thursday evening at the bed & breakfast:

While I was taking the photo above, a few people saw it and wanted to join the fun šŸ™‚ Going clockwise starting from the upper left pant leg: Kenneth, Amanda, Lucinda, Carl, Dad, Dan, me, Judith, and Lucinda. So it was our whole party except the married ladies and Delbert!

Our B&B was part of a whole row of houses. See the green house? It was called Green Gables Bed & Breakfast šŸ™‚

Friday morning found us cheerful and goofy. The photo on the right is also one of my very favorites!

On the way west Thursday, we stopped for a bathroom break in a little public park, right beside the town castle. Yep, the town has their very own castle! This is the Castle Cahir:

And the parking lot:

The photo on the left says “Have you paid and displayed?” and made me laugh. I’m still not sure what the sign meant, but I took a photo anyway šŸ™‚ The people on the right were just some friendly strangers we waved at šŸ˜‰

Ireland also has some very pretty stairs and pathways in very beautiful settings.

Also on the way west Thursday, we stopped at an overlook.

Um…I think I missed the memo and was looking the other direction while everyone else was mesmerized by something behind my back…

And I’ll end this Ireland series with this photo. All during the Trip West, we sang out the “Songs of Faith and Praise” hymnbook. We sang one verse of each song, starting with the beginning. I think we sang the first few hundred, I’m not sure. But sometimes we just took selections. And this was one of our favorites.

We also sang “Jesus Saves” very many times. Every time I hear that song now, I think “Ireland”. It’s very grand šŸ™‚

So now we’ve been to Ireland together. What did you think? Wanna go with me next time? šŸ™‚


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