So Long for a While!

Life has been crazily busy the past few weeks, including a Lake Erie fishing trip (first photo),a scenic photo drive (second photo), and a few sleepovers, In three weeks – Lord willing – Mom, Dad, and I are going to Paraguay for 2 1/2 weeks. We’re at the peak of busy season right now at work, and Grandma’s really sick, so that keeps me hopping. I’ve felt a calling from God lately to come and know Him, so I (along with my dear cousin Barbara) are going on a three-week Internet fast starting tomorrow. That will bring us up right against the Paraguay trip so unless something drastic happens, this blog will be pretty silent for a little while. In the meantime, Barbara and I will spend time reading, working, and on other projects other than Internet. I’ll have more time to do this:

Yes, that’s me on a diving board over a deep pond set somewhere in the hills of Holmes County. The view was better there 🙂

….and more time to photograph these places:

I will also spend a lot more time praying and growing in Christ. This is my highest aim so we will see where God has me by then 🙂

So ciao for a while! If you really need to talk, too bad. Cheers!


One thought on “So Long for a While!

  1. The diving board pic is amazing…thanks to Emmer lol:) that thing looks just a bit too familiar…. Or maybe Benjamin took that one??

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