The Paraguayan Adventure Part III

This is the part where I shall reminisce about the youth retreat that happened while we were in Paraguay. It happened at a beautiful place of which I’ve forgotten the name. It had a spacious volleyball court which we utilized very much on Saturday. Eric, I, and a few girls joined them that afternoon for the volleyball tournaments. It was so much fun to get to know the youth that day! Here are a few photos from the afternoon:

Watching the game…

A water jug for the ever-present terere!


Our team:

Another edition of My Feet in Strange and Unusual Places. This time, they’re at the Lucero Youth Retreat.

The daughters of the youth sponsors were playing quite charmingly on the sidewalk.

These are wild Paraguayan plants that we’ve been trying very hard to grow in our living room — and they’re all over South America!

I told you it was beautiful!

The End! Please stay tuned for Part IV!


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