Heidi: 2011

Meet my good friend Heidi! She brightens my life with her cheer and laugh, and we’ve had so many wonderful memories together. She and I have been friends for years now, ever since her family came to our church from the mission field in Kenya. We graduated school on the same night, and went to Driver’s Ed together. This past summer we went to OBSESS and made long-lasting friendships together there with other girls from all over the country. Heidi and I have been through a lot, and I was so excited about doing her portraits that I called her one Sunday afternoon and invited her over! We nearly froze our fingers off, and we had some friendly cats sharing the spotlight sometimes, but we both really liked the pictures so I think it mighta been worth the cold 🙂

My fave:

And Heidi’s fave!

Yes, it was coooold!

I think this might have been one of the easiest portrait sessions I’ve ever done. Seriously, look at that smile! 🙂 It was so not hard for her to look good in any shot I asked of her. I’m excited about where she’s going in life — she’s gonna do great things! God bless ya, Heidi 🙂


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