for those abroad:

Editor’s Note: This is a post for those of our family who not at home right now.

Great news!

There was a death in the family.

Our dearly beloved microwave has heated our food for the last time. We miss our old relic, which had stood the test of time for 25 years, making it the oldest appliance in our house. She hummed and beeped cheerfully everyday, although her last days were filled with a louder-than-usual buzzing noise. She also required longer start-up times, but we still loved her and treated her with utmost care.

Okay, not really. Truth be told, rejoiced when she refused to wake up in the morning. We just couldn’t wait to buy a new microwave. Even if the one we’d buy wouldn’t last nearly as long as this one did, we still wanted a new one. For now, however, we have to settle with the microwave Mom bought just-in-case, for the day when our old one really would die, and then we’d have been stuck without one. So we have another microwave. It’s a garage sale score. But it works!

I think we’re all adjusting to the change fairly well. There’s been a birthday lately, hope you haven’t forgotten about that. So of course, a German Chocolate cake was in order. (The man’s 29!)  Mom and Dad were at a Sweetheart Supper in Brown County last weekend and came home with some flowers. And we’ve been drinking tea a lot lately. Oh, and we’re getting used to having more counter space when we wash dishes.




4 thoughts on “for those abroad:

  1. Wow, apparently this is el mes en que alles kaput geht! Will the new one mount atop the stove? What sort of tea – Teavana or Pajarito?

    • Yah no kidding! This would be the third machine we’ve had to replace in the last month. Not counting Dad’s laptop. Hopefully yes, the new one will have a hood as well so we can use it above the stove. As for the tea….mostly Teavana these days 🙂 I have been using the Paraguayan lemongrass though! Yummy stuff!

  2. Teavana?? that’s apparently something for the uppity class of people. When I get home…’s mate time and all kinds of it!! Hot and original, sweet and with coffee beans, hot with milk, and of course, blitzing ice cold!!


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