crocuses in depth

Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice:

for the LORD will do great things!

(joel 2:21)

okay, look out. there’s a whole lotta purple comin’ up! there was one day last week where the local crocuses were in their full glory. It was a glorious, bright, sunshiney day, and they pushed and shoved each other for the spotlight. most of these images are straight-out-of-camera, except a few where I bumped up the brightness a bit. hope you like!

there were maybe four or five honeybees flying around, just loooooaded with pollen. see that pollen sac on his hind leg? i’ve never seen one that full!

whoa…purple overload, huh? eh, that’s okay. crocuses are an annual celebration for me. i chronicle their sprouting excitedly from the first time I see their tender green shoots poking through the snow. so here’s to Spring!

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