Design Project – Prayer Cards

Hello everyone! I think it might be time for me to share what I’ve been working on the past few weeks. I’ve dabbled in designing and I’ve fallen in love. This project was so much fun for me! It was a complete pleasure to pour out my energy into Photoshop and fonts and colors and styles. And to produce something that another person really likes is totally rewarding.

Last December, a young lady named Charity asked me if I would be willing to design prayer cards for her. Charity is leaving for Kenya in June to serve as a schoolteacher there for two years. That’s a big commitment! But I have no doubt and every assurance that she will fulfill her calling and that God will bless her richly for her sacrifice.

Anyways, the first step was portraits. We decided on an afternoon in February, and just as we got to our location, it started snowing. Big, huge flakes, too. And poor Charity only had a jacket to wear for pictures! But we braved it out and worked with what we were given. And here are the photos:

Charity’s portraits were so much fun to do – even in the snow! Coming up is Part 2 with the designed prayer cards.


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