Design Project – Prayer Cards (part 2)

And now I’ll continue with this design project by showing you just a few of the prayer cards I created for Miss Charity. These are not all the cards I put together, and we fine-tuned the ones she picked out to her liking. These are the basic rough drafts, and it was sooo much fun to make them!

The last one was Charity’s favorite! I kind of shared the opinion ๐Ÿ™‚


When I first agreed to this project, I was very nervous and unsure of myself. First of all, I had NEVER dabbled in design as major as this, and I really, really lacked experience. I also didn’t have the resources (such as cool fonts and backgrounds) to ensure a nice-looking product. But I did have Photoshop Elements 8 and enthusiasm. And without them, this job would have been ten times harder. With a little searching, I found fonts that were usable, and the backgrounds were hidden right in plain view, right on my hard drive. So cheers to getting out of one’s comfort zone and loving it!


2 thoughts on “Design Project – Prayer Cards (part 2)

  1. I had my friend Gina King (PIT) do my prayer cards for me. She did them in 20 minutes and they were amazing.
    These are really good. I like the last 2 the best. I really like the font on the last one. The only suggestion I would make is fade the picture into the background if that’s possible. I messed around with designing my own but I never did a whole lot…

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