The Month of May

Whew! I hope I don’t ever go so long without blogging again! It’s been a busy season around the Beachy homestead, and all kinds of things are changing. I certainly enjoy ‘enjoying’ long evenings and nights out with the family. Indeed, so much so, that my photography has suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder 😛 But I am ready to be back!

When I think of the month of May, I think ‘concert’. Yes, every Sunday evening Benjamin and I would head off to sing in the Minerva Community Choir. So many good times were had, memories made, but what a busy season! There was a Coblentz family auction in the month of May, and a Beachy wedding in Kentucky also rounded out the month. We made a cousins’ road trip to Pennsylvania for a graduation, kitties were born, and lots of flowers bloomed. Cheers!

Playing around with sparklers…

The long-awaited auction!

The sign in front of my Pennsylvania cousins’ house. They’re moving three hours closer on Thursday and we Ohio cousins are elated! 🙂

Most of my photos taken in Pennsylvania were taken at night for some strange reason, and so the quality isn’t stellar. Bear with me. This photo was taken during the meaningful graduation service. From left to right (background): Aunt Ina, Mom, Cousin Keith, (foreground) Cousins Annelise, Michaela, and Bethany.


Bro Eric came home from Paraguay and seems to have begun a rigorous relax/restoration period.

Early morning is just the best time to photograph flowers…


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