Our Youth Group Went Camping

This is the story of when the youth group of Messiah Amish Mennonite Church went camping.

Our story begins with the journey into a remote mountainous country, west of Millersburg by 8 miles or so, into the hollows of Nashville. Camp Bethany is nestled between two minor mountains and is an ideal place for a retreat. That is our continued opinion of the place. Come along and I’ll tell you about it.

Here is a flat view of the Camp.

And this is the main building. The bottom half houses the kitchen and dining room, and the upper half is a volleyball court and stage. Groovy, huh?

We arrived at the camp Thursday evening and proceeded to fix our own suppers. This isn’t ours, but it was most likely the yummiest one on the grill!

My handsome bro, EJ.

During the weekend, we had book studies between eating and playing. The book we’re studying is Charting a Course in Your Youth, by Gary Miller. It’s about finances and how setting goals and making wise decisions while we’re young can bless us in the future. We had enjoyable discussions led by Conrad Brenneman.

“God Loves You No Matter What U Done!”

These are the dorms. Extremely sparsely furnished, they proved that no matter how hard the floors or how little air circulation there is, one can have unlimited amounts of fun!

Let not the inside fool you. The porch is well-ventilated and epic.

Another epic place is this, the volleyball court. There are eight or so trees surrounding it, making it seem more like an outdoor chapel than place for volleyball.

Camp Bethany has a wonderful pond and pine forest. Lovely places for meditation and deep conversations.

In the forest, uphill from the pond.

And hidden in the pine forest, is this beautiful circle of benches. We never used it as a group, and I think most people would be surprised to know this even existed.

I love pine forests. This shot takes me right back to Ireland, to the forests of the Comeraugh Mountains. I blogged about them here.

Looking down. The environment is…I want to say sacred…but seeings as I left on my sandals on…well 🙂 The thought hadn’t crossed my mind at the time, k?

Ahh, I lika dis foto.

OK, enough with the beauty. Action! That’s me yelling, “Get it, Brandon!”

We had volleyball tournaments Friday.

Everybody watches with anticipation as the fate of the play hangs in the balance.

The winning team!

Apparently the tournaments weren’t as engaging for some people 😛

We cooled off with the annual Water Slide.

Even one of our youth leaders showed a lighter side by going down backwards!

These midnight campfires inspired discussions, singing, reading of children’s books, back rubs, and so much more.

Oh, and Camp Bethany has a truly epic sound system in its dining room. This inspired the start of The Midnight Daily Show, where interviewees are selected from the crowd and interrogated thoroughly. So sorry that I can’t share more 🙂

I think I’ve rambled enough. Cheers to one of the best youth groups ever!


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