Mt. Hope Flea Market & Auction

There’s this little town about 5 miles north of where we live called Mt. Hope. In this town, (which is little more than a four-way stop) there is a restaurant, bulk food store, post office, shoe and harness shop, hardware store, doctor’s office, window factory, book shack, and auction barn. This little tiny town is bustling from sunrise to sundown. It is home to many lovely Amish people and is therefore speckled with tourists nearly every day of the year.

Wednesday mornings the town is extra-alive. Most of Mt. Hope, and lot more from surrounding villages , goes to the Mt. Hope Auction. There, vendors of every stripe, from antique dealers to Tupperware sellers to fruit stand keepers, set up their booths as early as 6:30 in the morning during the summer season. It is the place to go if you’re looking for globes, fresh peaches, back-to-school socks, elk antlers, antique kettles, fiction books, “discontinued” buy it now! glass dishes, or shampoo. Or even in you just want to people-watch.

Mom and I made the journey the other week and I had a blast with my camera. It seemed the numbers had swelled this time and the barn was full of people. There were maybe twice as many vendors outside in the parking lot too. If you’re ever in the area on a Wednesday, remind me to take you there. You’d love it 🙂

The day started out with a lovely fog which lifted and revealed a gorgeous sky.

That is just what I’d do, lady. Except I did it better this time 🙂

“Welcome!” (This is the actual auction barn where they sell livestock. Last year a building was added to the grounds for the Wednesday flea market. The inside of that building is shown in the next photo.)

Like I said, filled with people. Not all are shopping. In fact, most have found neighbors or friends and are stuck in small groups to talk about their latest canning endeavors or what day school is starting next week. Or some are laughing about the funniest thing that happened that morning. You can imagine my happiness to observe these interesting characters.

“Come taste how good my peaches are!” the vendor thinks to himself.

Mom thinks taking a picture of her picking out cherries would be funny.


One thought on “Mt. Hope Flea Market & Auction

  1. a nice run of posts lately. better than my own site, i fear. one thing on this post and it’s something i find myself fighting all the time. different angles are great on a subject yet when making public folders (a post qualifies as such) try to avoid overt repetition. Find the best angle and stick with it. It’s hard to do at times. Anyway, i need to get back to studying and culling my own photo endeavors from the past month.

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