Day by Day

Day by day,

dear Lord, three things I pray:

to see Thee more clearly,

love Thee more dearly,

follow Thee more nearly.

Day by day, dear Lord, three things I pray:

to see Thee more clearly,

love Thee more dearly,

follow Thee more nearly.

Richard of Chichester (1197-1253)

These photos today come from a folder on my hard drive called “The Wonderful Day.” The reasons I named it that are many and possibly boring for some of you. But one of them was the journey I made to Kidron in the morning. The sun had just risen when I left my home, and it shone on a clear, beautiful neighborhood. I couldn’t stop myself from wrapping the strap around my arm and shooting blindly out the window. Once I arrived at my destination and had oppurtunity to look through my pictures, I was a little dazed and a lot pleased by the results. Looking back, I was also surprised that nobody was hurt during that drive! Taking pictures while driving is probably something they would teach AGAINST in Driver’s Ed. don’t try this at home. he.

The second reason happened later in the day, when driven by a personal photo challenge, I followed the sun to a field behind our woods. (This is the same field where I took portraits of my friend Heidi.) While sitting and watching the sun for a while, I found new perspectives and angles that greatly delighted me. It was relaxing, safe, and definitely something I can recommend 🙂

Okay. Maybe I should steer away from ‘dangerous’ issues and tell you about the song in this post. I was editing photos the other evening and listening to Oasis songs from a bunch of past albums. This song came on and immediately spoke to me with its melody and lyrics. I’d never noticed it before and it hit me with all the power of the first aroma of a fresh batch of roasted coffee [;)]

When I kneel at the end of every day, realize, and remember what the events of the day-gone-by have taught me; this is my prayer for tomorrow, when my eyes open and my feet hit the carpet. i want to see You, love You, and go with You. This living, every day awakening to God’s power, love and care — it’s thirst-quenching and thirst-making all in one drought. And this song speaks this desire so clearly and beautifully that it quickly went on my favorites list.

I hope your eyes are awakened to Him today.

Oh, and if you want Latin inspiration, click on the Richard link and learn about his famous prayer: when he prayed it, and how it was translated. Pretty interesting.

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