Have Courage

It takes courage to care –

It takes strength to sympathize;

It takes courage to show pity,

Yes, it takes a man to cry.

There was One Who walked before

us up that hill of Calvary,

He had courage to care

for you and me.

You can close your heart to others and no heartache you will share, for to sympathize brings sorrow – are you afraid to really care? But just think what might have happened if that One on Calvary had been afraid to care for you and me.

You can build a shell around you until no one can get through, and your friends are only those who can do the best for you. You may think this way is easy, but the price you’ll pay is high, for you’re leaving out the best things in life.

The true measure of a person is revealed by how he cares, for true love is never weakened when it shares another’s tears. It is courage born of knowledge of the worth of every soul, and believes that God restores and makes us whole.

Author Unknown


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