Spring. Her rays permeate our world. The very presence of good cheer and warmth dig deep into us, calling to us in the deep underworld of sleep. Her voice is heard by our hearts, inviting us to work hard, change our outlook on life, and transform into a living blessing to others.

I wish this seasonal lesson was one we could be reminded of every day of the year. It’s a very deep one, and I feel it is very important to us if we are looking for purpose.

Recently, I’ve learned this lesson. Here’s the story: There is someone in my life who chooses to express her affection for me in words that are sharp and derogatory. Her speech to me does not initially enhance our relationship, and it takes extra strength to see the beauty behind the not-pretty. One day, however, I recognized how her words were affecting me and I chose to claim God’s strength and provision for my need. Afterward, my day turned right round, and I found extraordinary joy in little things. She responded to that by spreading incorrect news about me. Today, as I picked up the pieces of that lie, I found myself frustrated and blowing off to my parents. And I realize now, that this is the process of Spring. We bloom, it rains, we close up, hear the calling, bloom again, and we bless ourselves by inviting God into our hearts.

On a lighter note, I’ve been using my brother Benjamin’s Olympus EM-5 lately while my EP-3 is being repaired. And it is magic. She was recently voted Best Camera of 2012, beating the Canon 5D Mark iii and the Nikon D800. Amazing, huh? This camera is amazing. Makes any ordinary miracle extra extraordinary.



4 thoughts on “…Spring

  1. These are AMAZING! You are so amazingly talented! 🙂 I know, you’ll proy say it’s the camera, but its the perspective or angle too! 😉 Thanks for posting these!

  2. you mentioned the OM-5 and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III…you can say what you want about the OM-5 and I agree it is a great camera but the Mark III is like an extension for the arm. You think and it shoots. Lack of light poses no problem. Lightning fast volleyball spikes are frozen with only hints of action. You should shoot with it sometime but watch it. It might make you sell your m4/3 gear!!

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