On Making Decisions

A call is nothing more nor less than obedience to the will of God, as God presses it home to the soul by whatever means He chooses.

-Pete Fleming



Having just completed SCMC Ohio 2013, I’ve run across a thought in my head today that’s caused even further reflection. You know how after attending a large event, and absorbing lots of things, you come home and go through sort-of a reevaluation of life, or maybe your view on it? Everybody experiences it, I’m sure. K, now that you know the context, we’ll proceed. Here’s where it gets thick.

Why should you have to do things the same as everyone else? Why should you have to ‘pick’ a path down which to walk? Shouldn’t every decision of life be made under the direct influence of God’s Spirit, as it moves and speaks and walks in our hearts?

Here’s the basis: God has created each human being uniquely (think about that one for awhile!) and with sets of talents as unique as their fingerprint. This is a truth that I know to be true.

What follows is an assumption that everyone does life differently. Everyone brings to each situation or decision their own unique set of experiences and thought patterns. Everyone has a chance to chop their own way through the jungle of decisions. And you should always be in consultation with the Master Mapmaker; always under the direction of His Divine Compass. And every now and then, you’ll come to an overlook, where the words of another unique human being will be just what you needed.

I’m in a time of life where every trimming of a twig seems hugely influential to the way my trail will appear later. And with faith in the Master Mapmaker, I shall not be afraid to hack down the large boughs and step forward on my way to heaven.


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