Another Book Review!

Two in a row! I know! Three weeks ago, my family and I were enjoying our last full day of vacation on a houseboat together. During those three wide-open days, I read more than I took photos. And I thought I took a lot of photos. So I laid tracks down across three books, and it was rewarding. This is the review of the middle book, the one I finished in one day, and the one I enjoyed the least. Maybe it was because the other two books were about missionaries, and this one was about…well, you’ll see.


Before You Meet Prince Charming is written by a single girl, ironically enough. “Sarah Malley is the founder of Bright Lights, a discipleship ministry designed to equip young ladies to use the years of their youth fully for Jesus Christ,” it says on the back of the book. She writes from the perspective of an older sister, and experience with ministering to many different audiences. She weaves an allegory in and throughout all her advice, which made it more bearable for me to read. The topics she addresses include guarding you heart, having a life purpose bigger than marriage, dreams must die, how parents can help, and when God says wait. Practical, helpful stuff!

But (and here comes my stickler), it was written for an age group which I’ve left behind. I found myself chuckling at times, irritated at others. Some were lessons I’d experienced and moved on from, others were things I wished I had learned better. It came as a bit of cold water to the face as I discovered how elementary this book is. And so, my enjoyment wasn’t great, and this was the reason why I finished it in one day. I wanted to get it done.

I am glad that I made the purchase though, because I count on some younger girls coming along, and needing advice, will benefit from the reading. I would recommend it for 10-16 year olds wanting advice and encouragement on boys and dating and all that stuff.

Oh, and that iced coffee? Ha. Just got me through the past half hour 😉 Come over if you want one!


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