God seems to have a unique sense of humor. I’ll tell you the story behind that statement in just a bit, but for now, here’s a suggestion for you to do.

Think over the last full day you’ve lived. Go through the situations you found yourself, the decisions you made, and the steps you took. Now shift your thinking to the PEOPLE with whom you interacted. And stop yourself from thinking about what you did for them, and think about what THEY did for you. Did your mom make a delicious supper? Did your coworker compliment your work? Maybe a friend extended a warm invitation. What about the total stranger whose one action blessed you in a very unusual way? The cashier at the gas station, the waitress at the restaurant — don’t forget them!

So, now that you’ve mentally received those acts of kindness again, how would you respond differently to them? Would you be even more grateful and appreciative now? If you could go back and relieve those moments, would you change your response? Here’s my challenge:

Life is so fragile, for it can be broken to bits in a second. Are you appreciating the living human beings around you who have shown you kindness? Prove it by choosing one, just ONE of those people, and going to them tomorrow and properly thank them for what they did.

Now, back to God’s sense of humor. So, Dad and I made a ‘flying’ trip to northwestern Michigan yesterday. Well, it was supposed to be a quick trip. After a very unexpected delay, and an hour and a half of sitting beside the road in the ninety degree afternoon sunshine, we found ourselves with ten hours to fill while our automobile rested. So we found a motel for the night and settled in. Okay, ‘settled in’, to use the term very loosely. Having brought exactly no overnight things, we showered, read the Gideon’s Bible in the nightstand, and then closed our eyes for slumber. It was great. God literally almost forced us to take a break and rest. We both slept well and awoke refreshed, raring to go again. Remember this post? Yeah, I just thought I should let ya’ll know I had to swallow my own medicine 🙂




My youth group is a source of lots of happiness for me. When it really gets good is when we girls pile on a tractor and trailer and sing for ladies way older than us.




How did you appreciate today?


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