Design: Rachel’s Prayer Cards

Here is the follow up to the last blog post, where I posted portraits of my friend Rachel:

Did you know that designing prayer cards is one of my very favorite things, if not THEE very favorite? Well, hopefully, now you do. Most people around me have known that for awhile, and will just smile when I talk about it. But I really am crazy about it! When I am designing prayer cards, time flies but my work does not feel wasted. I had lots of fun doing these for Rachel, since she allowed me free rein to do whatever I wanted. So thank you so much Rachel, for this opportunity!

Rough Draft 2_blog

Right off the bat, she was crazy about this next one!


Rough Draft 6_blog

Rough Draft 3_blog

In the end, she also picked this one:

Rough Draft 4_blog

Rough Draft 5_blog

Do you need prayer cards? I’d love to help you with that! Just send me an email at Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Design: Rachel’s Prayer Cards

  1. Wow. love love the prayer cards! you do an amazing job. I don’t need any prayer cards at this point, but hey, someday maybe I will! 🙂 Problem is, my sis likes doing it too… 🙂 haha

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