A Ramble about September



Ah, September. It’s the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year! Her mornings are crisper than the pages of a new book. Her midday skies make you want to jump into the endless blue and fly. She brings with her a paintbrush dipped in hues of bold red, delicious orange, and happy yellow, with which she paints the countryside. She inspires the field to give up its riches to the farmer, and to selflessly lay bare all her store to the ravages of harvesters and combines. The moon rises large and full during her evening shades, and the rain celebrates with misty showers.

September brings with her the desire for comfort, warmth, and home. Under her spell, one’s thoughts turn towards family celebrations and cozy evenings with friends. Our appetite longs for hot cups of cappuccino and cider, the comfort of pumpkin, and the exhilaration of cinnamon. Our feet call for socks and our necks ask for closer collars. Blankets enhance our comfort, and candles make us stop right inside the room and remember good things. Rugs and pumpkins have never looked so good as decorations.

I love autumn, as you can tell.

Welcome, October!


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