Lately I’ve Been

He wants your brokenness. All of it. Bare. Raw and real. He wants a heart that is yearning for grace. A heart that can hold brokenness and not break.

-Stefanie Sjostrom

reading…another book about autism, Making Peace with Autism, by Susan Senator. I’m curious about autism, learning through other people’s stories.

challenged by…the third issue of Shine and Soar. See quote at the beginning of this post.

laughing over and over at…the last video on this page, at 1:30. Honestly, the reality couldn’t get more honest.

selling…turkeys. And hams. We in the Meat Department joke about how we feel like those unfortunate birds anymore. Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

excited about…dreams and determinations coming to life and bearing fruit. One such instance lately has been a design project I started early this year, finally being published and enjoyed. Come to my church, ya’ll, and see what I mean!

listening to…Christmas music! Hehe, I say, lately. As in, since August.

trying not to be stressed out about…planning Christmas banquets and parties. My mind feels crossed and it’s difficult to hold onto grace and courage as I feel the holiday ‘cheer’ weigh down upon me.

making…lattes on a regular basis. This is a happy reality. And the ecstasy of accidentally creating (almost) latte art is addictive.

That’s it, folks! Okay, well, that’s not EVERYTHING, but pretty near.

Make someone’s day today! Like mine by enjoying a relaxing Thanksgiving — and really giving thanks for what is meaningful in your life — then write and tell me about it.

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