3 Misconceptions About Walnut Creek Cheese


We are ALWAYS busy, and the crowds make basic shopping impossible. Ok, this is true for maybe five months out of the year. Starting in July and going till the end of the year, yes. Saturdays will be your shopping nightmare. So you’d be wise to come on Tuesday mornings (for the world’s best donuts!), for example, or even Wednesdays. But right now at the end of January, we are as slow as a creeping cat. Seriously. It’s safe, all the tourists are gone, and you can come out now.

Everything is locally grown and harvested. Again, there is truth to this one. In the summer, a lot of the produce is bought from local growers, some cheeses are made in Holmes County, and there are some handmade items in the Butterchurn. But I get asked this a lot in the Meat Department, because people want “Amish chicken”. We would dearly love to tell these earnest seekers that all the Amish chickens are dead now, that they were persecuted to extinction. Of course we wouldn’t dash their hopes so cruelly, so we tell them the truth: most of the items we sell at Walnut Creek Cheese come to us on semis and are repackaged into bags or recrafted into plump loaves of bread or beautiful red steaks — all to save you money

We are not a collection of individual shops. It never ceases to amuse me when folks notice our charming façade outside and think we are a little village strip market. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, our departments are as diverse and cover as broad a range of goods as the state of California. However, through our uniqueness, we work together to compliment each other, like featuring recipes using items from several departments, or creating a Mexican-themed weekly ad. You can start in the Frozen corner of the store, pick up hamburger in the Meat Department, buy bananas at Produce, get some cheese, some cinnamon rolls, and pick out a tin of tea in the Cannery, plop it all down at the Butter Churn register, and pay without a problem. We are all unique departments, yet all one store.


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