I Can’t Help


Being in love with winter. But when I try to explain this, it doesn’t make sense to those who value warmth, comfort, and identity with public opinion. But to me, winter means rest, organization, time with God, a restart, and hopeful planning. Why am I in love with winter? That’s an unnecessary question. The real question is, How can I not love winter?

The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine: as for the world and the fullness thereof, thou hast founded them.

psalms 89.11



There’s the calm of snowfall. Added to and compounded with that is the peace of rolling hills and valleys wrapped in white; the forests whose trees stand in solemn awe; the unparalleled, stunning display of a winter night sky; the way the snow reflects the moon and lights up all the world; the wonder of trillions of unique snowflakes; and the way snow has the power to make all our busyness stop.

Which brings me to the excited relief of a snow day. The sudden opening of twelve whole hours to complete your back-burner to-do list, the itch to clean out closets, the inspiration to organize personal routines and activities, the feeling of accomplishment while surveying the results of feverish creativity or cleaning, and the falling into bed and thinking happily about the loose ends in your life that were bound together in your tasks today.

And the sky. Oh, the beauty of a winter crescent moon and the morning star hanging above the perfect maroon gradient of the east. The wisps of white floating frozenly in the sharp azure dome. Even the complete cover of a winter overcast blanket of clouds. The way the sunset turns the countryside pink with the reflective powers of a snow cover.

Greater than the unending beauty of our galaxy and the universe overshadowing it, greater than all the joys winter brings, is the unworthiness I feel when I think of the Someone out there who is creating unique snowflakes every day all over the world, sending them by the quintillions with snowstorms and snowfalls that can melt and disappear within hours, but also stay frozen in drifts for thousands of years, never to be discovered by human eyes. How amazing is our God!

We live in a beautiful world, spinning around in a universe of mind-blowing vastness. We have our feet rooted to this planet by the laws of gravity, and nothing but the whim of the Divine Mind will change that. Every moment we breathe is an undeserved gift, therefore with every breath we owe the glory for nature’s beauty to God, the One who spoke all things into existence, and Whose creativity is unending.

Rather than merely stagger through the ‘dreary’ winter months, delight in the beauty and creativity your Creator has displayed for you! I dare you to notice the little ways you see His hand on your way to work tomorrow. Be blessed and inspired to return thanks to Him by giving your best in all you do!



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