About My First Weekend at CBS

My first weekend at CBS was filled with new experiences. There was that time I threw up at a public park, that time at my aunt’s house with a house full of family, and that time when the singing led me into such a deep worship experience that I forgot all about myself and lifted up my hands.
On Saturday the majority of students piled into vehicles and bounced down the road to the Arkansan town of Mountain View. Necessities were purchased at Walmart and good coffee was enjoyed at a café before we all ended up at the park, where there nice pavilions, volleyball court and a softball field. These all suited our Saturdayish purposes quite well. But the smell of grilled chicken did not suit my stomach at all, and what little it contained came up into a deserted corner of an outbuilding. The rest of the afternoon passed in a sleepy dreamlike state. My world was quiet and soothing, and I caught up on sleep and homework in the girls’ dorm sick room of CBS. By evening I convinced myself I was just fine, and I think it worked!
Sunday morning a few of us sat in a car and rode to the Shady Lawn Mennonite Church, about 45 minutes from here, to visit friends and family. I was privileged to spend most of the day in the company of my just older brother Neil, and we ate lunch at my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jason’s house. We had a great time eating delicious food and generally having a party. It was refreshing to be with family after a week of strange faces and schedules.
My time of refreshment was continued Sunday evening at our hymnsing service here at CBS. The chapel roof was nearly lifted off its support by the energy of 70 voices remembering the greatness of our Creator. During one particular song, I was blessed anew by lyrics I’d known since childhood which became new and exciting with remembrance. Forgetting my Amish Mennonite humility, I closed my eyes and lifted my hands to my sides, flooded with the realization that God really did clean away all my sins — that there really are no more sin stains on my heart!
The work of redemption has been mentioned more than once here this week, and it’s exciting to hear stories of that work in the lives of fellow students and even teachers already! I’m being encouraged to allow God to work through the pain He’s brought into my life in order to bring Him greater glory.


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