Four Reasons Why Last Weekend Was Amazing

Well, first of everything, you must know that I love gifts. Probably giving slightly more than receiving. But only very slightly less! And this last week I received no less than three large gifts in the mail here at CBS, and that definitely put my level of happiness way up! And I’m sure you’re simply dying to hear all about it, so here goes.
Box #1 was a brand new gift from one of my wonderful brothers. He sent me very useful and beautiful water bottles, and in the words of Althea, I pretty much melted into a puddle upon opening!
Box #2 was a dozen pink roses from a dear friend back home! I had to share them with another friend here, but it was still super special to get such pretty flowers. And they came on the UPS truck too, which is waaay better than the regular mail route!
The next box came with Mr. Russell from Faith Builders, and this I had to split with my two dormies, but it didn’t seem like I was losing much, since we share a lot these days. There was chocolate, tea, crackers, lovely encouraging notes, and a handy lint roller! We all were in raptures upon its reception and opening. Thanks, Rosalie, Hannah, and Eric!
Also in the mail I received several letters from dear friends, and it was such fun to open, read, and reply. Mail and phone calls here at CBS is so delightful, and they really do mean a lot! Thanks everyone!
Another huge highlight of last weekend was Saturday, our Evangelism Day! We were put into groups of five or so and sent out to find random acts of kindness to do for people! Each group started out with another group singing at a nursing home, and then we could do whatever we wanted. My group stayed in Mountain Home for the whole day. At the nursing home, we were well received and the tiny group of elders clapped after each song. After that, we went to Walmart and bought a balloon machine, candy, and flowers and then headed over to the local hospital to pass them out. It was lots of fun to put smiles on faces of people that were scared about what the doctor would say or anxious to go home. We got to pray with several people, and just generally had a lot of fun! After we ate lunch, we headed to Goodwill and Big Lots to pass out some Walmart gift cards. That used up all the time we had, so we headed back home. It was a very fun day, and I was challenged to find ministry opportunities in my home town like that. God bless you all!


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