The Week of the Big Bangs

Last Sunday it snowed, sleeted, and rained all day long here at CBS! The roads, volleyball courts, and sidewalks were covered with four inches of slippery danger. Taking walks on the road was actually risky, and it took longer. After study hall and chapel, instead of echoes in the Ozark hills, the dining room rang with noise and loud competitive shouts of card games. We were snowed in.

For the rest of the week, the sun came out in full force and beat down upon the snow, but it only seemed to harden the layer of ice on top of the snow. We had planned to give a program at the prison in Calico Rock Wednesday evening, but only if we could get out to the main road. (The dirt road to CBS is six miles of hilly curves, curvy hills, and steep drop-offs, and typically is just enough time to get the heebie jeebies all aflutter in time to begin life at CBS.) So we piled into vehicles and began our trek to the outside world. I found myself in a fifteen passenger van filled with about twenty people and the riser set. We were so loaded down that our tires never had a chance to spin! Kenneth, our Dean of Men, did a great job of plowing through the snowy ruts with our ton of people in tow. Lots of vehicles had to be manually pushed or pulled up the hills. We eventually did make it out to civilization and the prison, and the prison program went great – it really showed us where we need more memorization. You might be able to tell from that that we made a fair amount of mistakes J Yes, we messed up a lot, but the prisoners didn’t seem to mind, and they walked out singing our songs. Giving a prison program always has a way of realigning my thankful spirit, so I left feeling very rich and free indeed.

On Thursday during Bible reading, I noticed (for the first time) a loud, rapid tapping noise that seemed to be coming from the outside. Suddenly there was a loud BANG, which sounded like something falling and scattering! Everyone in the chapel jumped, and then laughed at themselves. It turned out to be snow falling from the roof onto the ground, and those noises went on through the rest of the week. Chris Stoltzfus, one of our teachers whose passion for the Middle East cannot be cooled, suggested that every time we hear a bang, we pray for the Christians in Syria, for whom any loud noise means a bomb probably exploded nearby. But those loud noises still added humor to our classes. Sitting in Classroom 3 with Wendell teaching was highly amusing! We laughed every time he was in the middle of a word, then CRASH, then he would jump and make a noise, but still go right on teaching.

For the rest of the week, we became accustomed to those bangs interrupting our classes, because the sun simply would not stop shining. One court finally got cleared off on Thursday, and by Saturday, Tournament Day, thanks to the efforts of students, teachers, and our dear principal, the courts were dry but the area around them was like a ski slope. Today it’s a week later, and the patches of snow are very small and far in between. Yesterday the temperature had to be at least 60 degrees and balmy, so everyone is getting the color back into their cheeks. What fun to live in such a big community like CBS!


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