Must Come to a Close

Here we are at the last week of Bible School! It’s completely beyond all my understanding how the days all flew by so fast, even though the beginning of term does seem so very far away. The last six weeks have been full right up to the brim with the happinesses of living with 70 youth who love God, as well as the deep sorrows and heavinesses that come with study.
I’ve been thinking about this community living thing. Some of my highlights have been choir, days off, evangelism, our discussions in Ethics class, Wednesday morning prayer meetings, and singing my classmates’ songs in Music. These activities are part of the benefits of living with such a large group of people in one place.
I’ve also burned my share of the midnight oil, stressed about term papers, and waded through two final exams. Ah the atmosphere of learning here is just inspiring! My mind has been stretched and I know I won’t ever be the same. In Music class, we are writing songs instead of term papers, and we’ve been singing them as they are finished. Last night I handed mine in, so today the class will sing it and comment on it. This is the class that has caused me to grow the most, and I’m thankful that I stuck it out and applied myself.
Last week my wonderful coworkers sent me a box full of homey things from our department, and ever since then I’ve been homesick. This is unusual for me to be ready to come home so soon before I leave. I don’t understand myself really, but it will be very good to see my family, and everyone else again.
Today we will start recording our choir songs, which is exciting and happy, but still pretty scary! Tomorrow evening is the banquet, and then the next day is departure day. These events loom in front of us, and emotions are mostly subdued and sentimental, from my perspective. Yes, we sure will miss this place, and each other, but we are all very thankful for the experience.
One more thing of great importance: If you were at Virginia Music Camp last year, you probably remember Inheritance, Dr. Glick’s song that Chamber Choir sang. He presented that to us Sunday evening in all it’s 23-minute glory, and it was super inspiring! I’m really thankful for his talent and the patience and humility that he exercises with it.
And last but not least, the ending to the joke from last week:
A string walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve string here.” So the string goes back inside and rolls around and around until he’s a tangled ball of string. When he goes back inside, the bartender says, “Aren’t you that string that was just in here?”
The string says, “Nope, I’m afraid not!”
See you next week!

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