Post CBS

For those who weren’t at CBS 3rd Term, this post will be full of nonsense, and you will question where my sanity has gone. Rest assured, I am fine, still your Diane, and this post is my effort to invoke sentimental feelings for when I look back in the future. (Yeah! Reread that one!) I apologize for any feelings of rejection you might feel for not understanding the inside jokes. Please forgive me, and you’ll understand when it’s your turn.

The goal of this post is to show all you people who have never gone or come back from CBS how hard it is to adjust to normal life, where no one gets the jokes, recognizes the names, or cares about your term papers. You might ask, “What’s it like to come home from CBS? What can I expect? Will I ever be the same?

Terrifying. Exhausting.

Expect withdrawal, moodiness, exhaustion, melancholies, and loneliness. And exhaustion. Did I mention exhaustion?

No, you will never be the same.

I could close this post with that. I could be aloof and stick my nose up in the air and say, “You wouldn’t understand.” I could give you the impression that CBS is a dangerous place, that you have to be careful and cling tightly to your worldview that worked just fine before you came. By closing this post right now, I would display to you that returning from CBS makes a person moody.

Well, maybe it does! And maybe you’ll just have to be OK with that!

Haha, I see what you did there.

Ugh, my mind is tormenting me. That voice, that phrase, does not match my surroundings. I’m at home now, it is familiar but cold, not in the wild frontier of CBS, where everything was new and fresh, but the sun shone.

Dude, shake it off!

Heh, OK. I’ll shake it off. Watch me shake it off! CBS is a wonderful place full of laughter, candy, and volleyball! Where segregation is happily nonexistent, and friends are everywhere!

Yeah, like a BOSS, woman!

Where cliques happen accidentally! Hopes and dreams are built on glances! Egos are flattened by a 79%! Fast day comes every week! And personal space disappears!

Totes. Totes.

Haha, remember that one time when Alvin totally joined the Christian Womanhood class for 60 seconds until he realized he was in the wrong classroom? Or when three girls went on a wild peacock chase?

Total Eff Aye Eye Ail!

Oh my, I feel better now. One more round of Flip?

Yes. Bambelela.



8 thoughts on “Post CBS

  1. Girl! You totes made my day by this post!! I love love it because you stated everything so perfectly! I totally understand how you are feeling… But, you had me laughing out loud (you gotta love the inside jokes!) and my sibling wondering if I was ‘ok’. 🙂 Cheers to the peacock chase 🙂 I’ve thought about that often and just wanted to burst out laughing! only us 🙂 Love you and miss you so much!

  2. Cool, cool, Diane! I absolutely LOVED your report! Remember that last night in the dean’s room! One of my favorite times with you….! Miss you and love you!

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