Let’s Get Off of Our Egos

Verse 1

Verse 2

Verse 3

John 13 is a precious chapter, but the first 17 verses are especially dear to me. When you read them next, try and think about ways  we as humans unconsciously place ourselves above others. I harbor a suspicion that I deny my faith way too often by doing this. Really, this is the heart of Jesus’ saving gospel, and He promised we would be happy when we do these things.

So let’s all take down our sails and open our eyes to see each other’s deep, internal needs. What tiny things can you do to encourage them?


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Off of Our Egos

  1. Wow Diane, this post and the previous one have stepped on my toes a lot! Recently I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how selfish I am. I needed this. Thanks!

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