OREGON – The Food

Come with me, and let’s go back to Oregon and think about the great food there is to experience.

Our first restaurant experience was Old Town Pizza, right across from the Lan So Chinese Garden. The pizza was amazing, but the Italian sodas topped it. My future Italian soda experiences will be judged by this new standard.

Here we met an amazing girl named Jessica (who totally looked like a Jessica) from Texas (could have predicted that) who is working as a nanny in Portland. She sweetly asked us about our dresses, then shared that she often feels like she was born several centuries too late. Then she politely asked if she could have our leftover slices of pizza (there were only two left, and we didn’t want to carry them around all day, so we’d left them on the table), so that she could pass them out to homeless, hungry people. That was so challenging, and I was blessed by her courage and inner strength.



Our next experience happened on the steps of our favorite church in Portland – St. Sharbel’s. We bought pita bread, hummus, cherries, apples, and Arnold Palmers at World Foods, then topped it off with chocolate. In such a peaceful setting, listening to the neighbors’ birthday party, and waving at the cyclists, our dinner was elevated to a whole new level and it was glorious.


Another memorable experience was at Newport in a little hole-in-the-wall bakery/restaurant. I don’t even know the name of the place, but it was one of my favorite memories of Oregon. There was barely any standing room in front of the counter, and the rest was all workspace for delicousness. We took our food outside to the porch, and enjoyed watching Newport’s gentle seaside life.


On Sunday, we drove around to find a crepe food cart we’d spotted earlier in the weekend. It was located among other food carts boasting of other specialities, surrounding a courtyard of picnic tables. We were there mostly by ourselves, except for a 12-year-old street child and a few grown-ups. So one kind lady took our picture, and asked a few questions.

But our next witness was pretty memorable. The girl, after obviously talking to her guardians about us, eventually danced her way over to us. The beautiful child had curly brown locks, was wearing a long, flowy skirt, and possessed a bold, free spirit. She immediately asked us about what was on our heads, and frankly, where do you start with a 12-year-old? I’m not used to witnessing to preteens, but Heather and Barbara were quick to step down. They explained simply about God’s command in the Bible, but it seemed she wasn’t concerned with spirituality or religion. To her eyes, we were wearing something she’d never seen before, and she, of course always looking for the next trend, wanted to know where she could get one and be part of this new ‘look.’ She was earnestly curious and had lots of unexpected questions, and I hope she never stops searching for Truth. May she find Him someday.

Anyways, the crepes were amazing, and the girl who made them had a cute, bookish face. I know it sounds weird, but it was totally legit.



Newport’s candy store had saltwater taffy, ice cream, and espresso. How do you decide?


A Starbucks stop where we saw a mischievous side of Barbara, when she coolly answered the barista, “The name is Megan.”



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