“Love isn’t love until it costs you something.”
-Ivan Chupp, Love One Another
August 24th, 2014
Messiah AM Church

As the days flow so also the variety:
The pack of grocery lists are different,
Packages of food vary as the sky,
As well as alternating sets of clothes.

But some things about her never change:
Hair falling and thin,
Teeth missing in her smile,
Skin sagging on her bony frame.

Yet these will all pass away someday, eventually.

But she has friends,
Oh, so many.
They live behind windows and doors, in beds, on chairs,
rarely going outside.
Every morning, she goes.
Goes to see them,
make sure they’re okay, pantries and fridges stocked.
Her footprints stamp the sidewalks with change.
Changing lives by loving and caring.
Including mine.

(Written about a dear charming lady who comes to Walnut Creek Cheese several times a week to buy groceries for her friends from the retirement home. She has no idea the good she does to everyone in this world. Why can’t I be like her?)


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