The Final Summit: A Book Review

“What does humanity need to do, individually and collectively, to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization?”

To sum it all up in simple language, The Final Summit by Andy Andrews, is the account of a council of famous folk from history who meet to find the answer to one question. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the Travelers discuss their keys to success and lessons from their lives. Swiftly falling in an hourglass standing in the middle of the table are the sands of time.

David Ponder, the hero from The Traveler’s Gift, is the leader of this discussion. One by one, world-changers are brought to the circle, from any time in history, bearing with them all the wisdom they have gathered in their lives. Among this number is the sixteen-year-old girl believing in hope as she leads an escort of French soldiers to the victory of an English fortress in 1429, the 16th president of the United States, and a courageous spy who brought World War 1 to an earlier end.

 Amidst a host of the world’s wisest people, you will journey through time to learn some of the most important truths history has to offer. The answers they bring to the question are immeasurably valuable, and as we faithfully apply them to our world and the situations in which we find ourselves, great things can happen!


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