Teach Us to Number | NYC Day 3

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

The double purpose of our trip to New York City was to do odd jobs for the church family, and to sing and proclaim Jesus’ name to the public. For Monday and Tuesday, the morning and early afternoon was taken up with helping widows, elderly folk, and single mothers with their cleaning, painting, de-waxing, and moving. After cleanup, we headed out on the town to see the sights and sing in the subways.

Monday’s morning rays found us excited to get to work. My group stayed in the church basement to de-wax the linoleum floor. Here we are during our very complicated process of slapping down cleaner, running the machine to scrub off the wax, and cleaning up the mess.

Mon 003_blog

“America runs on Dunkin!” And so, apparently, do we! The local donut shop began recognizing us by the end of those few days. I only wish Lori could have been in this photo to prove that I really wasn’t the only gal in the group. That’s her backpack on the ground.


A pretty house with a pretty porch.


Where Mom and Heidi spent their day.


After we cleaned up, we were ready to go out on the town. Soon we found ourselves between a street and a sidewalk, and under a tent with an overwhelming sound system. A very spirited church service followed, and something we’d never experienced! We just weren’t used to having women greet us first thing in church, or leading us in songs, or speaking for 20 minutes from the pulpit. Then the male pastor appeared, spoke a little bit, then Daniel Pollard introduced us, and we gave our song program. We really had to give it all we could, and long before we saw the last page of our music, our throats were parched and exhausted. But that could be fixed. A very kind gentlemen brought a boatload of water bottles, just for us, and we carried on, refreshed. With pedestrians pausing on one side, and vehicles whizzing by on the other, we sang on and on. What a unique experience.

Our ‘thrilling’ church service.

Mon 010_blog

Is she really preaching?”

Mon 015_blog

A cute friend of mine, Heather.

Mon 014_blog


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