I’m Still… (Portraits of Krista)

…taking photos!

So one day, my friend and I drove south to find a train station. We found something we liked, and the time flew away as we posed and snapped. That day was also the coming out day of my new camera friend, Elijah.

I’ve known Krista my whole life! She’s a forever friend, the kind we silly humans take for granted far too often. She is constant, faithful, and lovely. She came to our photoshoot with a vision for the results, which was half the work! She made my job super easy, plus we talked and tons of much fun in the meantime.

Krista Troyer-9_blog Krista Troyer-10_blog Krista Troyer-15_blog Krista Troyer-18_blog Krista Troyer-20_blog Krista Troyer-28_blog Krista Troyer-32_blog Krista Troyer-37_blog Krista Troyer-40_blog

Then it also become my privilege to design Christmas cards for her. What fun! Here are three of my favorites.

Krista 1 copy_blog Krista 2 copy_blog Krista 4 copy_blog

Have a lovely week!


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