Winter Came to Holmes County

Last week God gave us perfect winter weather. My friend Vicki came to buy meat at the counter with a smile nearly as big as mine. “You enjoying the weather?” we asked at the same time, then, laughing at ourselves, counted again the ways we love winter.

There is a clearness about these months that is so special. It is like the air at the top of a mountain, where we can see the vista below and think our thoughts with more focus and intention. There is a span of twelve months ahead of us, clean and blank, awaiting your fingers and feet. How will you leave 2015?

And the winter night sky is something unmatched in all creation. God’s jewels are scattered across thick black velvet, like a proud jeweler displaying his most expensive pieces. That’s Orion, he says, and the stars twinkle in happy response.

Here are some unedited shots from the past week.

IMG_7999_blog IMG_8105_blog IMG_8079_blog IMG_8074_blog IMG_8054_blog IMG_8051_blog IMG_8039_blog IMG_8014_blog

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