The Woods on a Snowy Day

One day last week, I joined my brother and sister-in-law on an expedition into our favorite local state park. It was a beautifully magical day for me, and we loved every bit of it.


Every once in a while, the gentle breeze would shake some snow off the branches, creating glitter showers of wonder.


IMG_8661-13_blog IMG_8651-7_blog IMG_8656-10_blog IMG_8666-15_blog IMG_8672-18_blog

We hadn’t planned to do portraits for them, but in such a lovely place, who could resist?

IMG_8694-31_blog IMG_8700-36_blog IMG_8703-39_blog IMG_8752-58_blog IMG_8756-60_blog

I really like hanging out with them.

IMG_8761-63_blog IMG_8764-66_blog IMG_8768-68_blog  IMG_8790-76_blog



It was a really good day.


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