Tales of CBS: Part One – Highlights from My Classes


I recently came home after experiencing 3rd term at Calvary Bible School. This is my attempt to publicly review those good times. Enjoy the ride!

I think the biggest gift Calvary Bible School has given me is perspective. I could see myself, the world, and those around me at home in a new light, and that is something that not a lot of people get to experience. For six weeks, I had the privilege of being immersed in a community of people who were all my age, dealing with a lot of the same problems as me, and passionate about serving Jesus. The spiritual energy of 65 youth living together for six weeks is an amazing thing, and it has enough power to change your life.


I got to dig into God’s Word, finding answers to a variety of questions. My classes helped me to understand the Bible better, seeing how the New Testament fulfills the Old, and better appreciate the deeper meanings and grander themes of some of the more difficult passages. I learned a lot about Jewish History, (which class I would highly recommend if you ever get a chance – seriously, you will be so grateful!) thanks to Elam Stoltzfoos, whose passion for history I’ve hardly seen in our Beachy circles. In his class, we learned the entire history of the Jews, from Abraham to Hitler and beyond, and discovered how important the Jews are to the history, and even the future, of the world. For this term project, I wrote on the Jewish feasts – their significance and practical ways to remember them today. It turned out to be one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve brought home! My favorite part of this class was my classmates! Throwback to the day Mr. Stoltzfoos taught us about the Blood Covenant in Genesis 15, when I finally understood everything, sat back, glanced around the room, and laughed at how everyone’s mouths were hanging open, staring wide-eyed at our teacher and each other! Throwback to the special time before class when candy was passed around while Elam stood smiling, waiting till the bag was home to say, “Okay, welcome to class…” #JewishHistoryRules


In Christian Womanhood, we studied themes of rest, submission, redemption, trust, and much more. Our teacher, Janelle Glick, led us through the Scriptures, looking at one woman or sometimes groups of women in chronological order. We learned about the strict OT Laws regarding women, the influential role women had in building the NT church, and a lot more. The biggest lesson I learned from that class was how to rest in God’s presence. One particular homework assignment was an hour of solitude, something that is very difficult at CBS! But, as we discovered, it was also very needful. If I may share something personal, during this time, I had been facing some serious decisions, and I was feeling overwhelmed as I tried to fully engage at CBS. But through my time with God at the creek, I was filled with a peace and trust as the Spirit showed me clearly how God would never desert me. Another big thing from this class for me was the term projects. Some girls did pieces of art, some wrote convicting term papers, one team did a dramatic recitation, but Juli Mast and I did a photo essay. Yup, and that’s a whole nother story that we’ll save for another day!


The last class of my day was Character of Joseph by Ken Kauffman. This class was full of discussion, important life lessons, and creative class times! My favorite part was how we split into groups to discuss relevant issues, such as finding God’s will, and the meaning and purpose of courtship. *wink Four students from this class did their term project together by writing a play about the life of Joseph. Together they wrote, coordinated, recruited, and rehearsed, pulling off a thirty-minute drama that was meaningful and hilarious. Shout out to my bestie Annalisa and my #fave5yo Kels for their parts in executing this huge project! It was truly a blast to wear those sunglasses and wield those enormous spears!IMG_1314


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