CBS Tales: Part Two — Chorus

I recently came home after experiencing 3rd term at Calvary Bible School. This is my attempt to publicly review those good times. Enjoy the ride!


IMG_0866 IMG_0870

And we’re back with another CBS Tale! Today I will tell you about the 45 minute time-period known as Chorus.

Our director was Wendell Glick from Ontario, Canada. Mr. Glick has been studying Choral Composition for a number of years now, and so we were blessed to be able to sing some of his original songs. He had a way of pulling out the best of his singers — things we didn’t even think we could do! But the scary pieces of sheet music he gave us at the beginning soon became beloved parts of our days.


The theme he chose for our repertoire was rest. Our third song was probably the lynchpin of our lineup: it was called Come, Bring Your Burdens to God. It emphasized how Jesus will never become weary of us coming to Him with our burdens. Other songs talked about Matthew 11:28-30, and another song was Mr. Glick’s arrangement of one of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poems called, Out in the Fields With God. I would have to be very hard pressed to pick a favorite!

IMG_1306 IMG_1284

We gave three programs. The first one was at a local prison in Calico Rock. It was a great opportunity to minister to people who likely do not receive a lot of outside encouragement! One of the best things about that program for me wa that I recognized some of the men from last year. And they recognized us! At the end of our program, as they filed out, we sang Bambelela, and some of them were singing along! The second program was at a ‘Spirit-filled church’, also in Calico Rock, called Soul’s Harbor. It was a tiny building, and it felt like we took up half the room! This was also where we were live-streamed, and apparently were watched by ‘millions around the world’, as the pastor claimed. The third program was at Calico Rock First Baptist Church, where visiting Mennonites made up half the audience! We had wonderful times of ministry everywhere we went.

Mr. Glick also has a big heart for Beachy youth, and involved himself with a lot of our activities! He even tried his best to learn to Double Dutch…

IMG_9369 IMG_9764 IMG_9265

Lastly, shout out to our Infamous Back Row! We had some lively, hilarious times.

IMG_0883 IMG_0882


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