CBS Tales: Part Three – CW Term Project

For weeks at CBS, I thought about this idea. Over and over it went in my head, till it was scattered beyond recognition. But it had become too precious to me to simply throw away, so I sat down with Microsoft Word, and we worked it out. Holding a printed sheet of paper with this overwhelming project was too much, and I lost it. I was completely unprepared for the feelings of inadequacy that washed over me right then. To Jesus I cried, or rather whispered, ‘Lord, is it worth it?’

In tones of tenderness, He spoke those words I needed to hear, revealing my need for help.

So that morning, during first period, I searched the CBS campus to find Mrs. Glick. I finally found her with her mug in the dining room, her coffee shop getaway. She listened, understood, and prescribed. That day, she shared my needs with the Christian Womanhood class It was simple. I wanted to do a photo essay about Biblical women set at CBS. I needed someone to be the main model for me, to help set up and tear down the shots, to help coordinate with other characters, and to give guidance and anchorage to my ideas.

I kept my head down and eyes averted, not wanting to see the looks of skepticism and doubt I expected, not wanting to see the reluctant hand raise. But I risked a glance at one of my friends, and to my shock, a hand shot up as soon as Janelle was finished talking. This hand was eager, fingers stretched, and arm fully extended!

Such was the beginning of my delightful partnership with a girl from Indiana named Juli Mast. The next chance we got, we sat down and worked out the details of each shot, getting a rough idea into our heads about what this might end up looking like. She gave amazing advice and insight, and her ideas were brilliant. She was as fully on board with the project as I was, and there had been no need for coaxing or convincing. With the fresh wind she brought, we were ready to get this show on the road!

It was difficult figuring out when to work together and when to focus on the other log term projects we both had going. We worked during study hall and before supper; during off periods and during lunch. We had to coordinate with the other participants, and plan each unique shot. It was a lot of work! But I believe the end result was entirely worth all the effort and pains it cost.

So without further ado, here’s Juli Mast’s and my Christian Womanhood term project:


10 thoughts on “CBS Tales: Part Three – CW Term Project

  1. I think this touches more deeply every time I see it. I am ever amazed at the words in Eve’s eyes. Martha brought me to tears. The scene of Naomi and Ruth could not be more perfect. I think I’ve finally settled on these as my favorites. Juli and you have done an incredible work. Thanks for allowing it to touch others. ❤

  2. Y’all did an incredible job on this photo essay! It just touches me every time i see it. Thanks for allowing us to see it!

  3. awesome diane! i really loved this project and attending cbs with you. 🙂 i’ve been wanting to show my parents your project and now i can. 🙂 thanks!

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