A Tour of Ice Rocks In Autumn, Pt. 2

Ready to see what was at the bottom of the ravine? I was hoping so 🙂

IMG_3506_blogIMG_3511_blogIMG_3519_blogAt the bottom of the ravine was a tiny little waterfall. Not more than a trickle, really, but words and photos can’t do adequate justice to the beauty and peacefulness of the little world at the bottom of the ravine.

IMG_3576_blogIMG_3587_blogIMG_3599_blogThis next photo wasn’t at the bottom of the ravine 🙂

After I climbed back up and out of that beautiful, magical world, I jumped back into my van and kept driving. When I saw a little graveyard not far from the road, there wasn’t much that could stop me from pulling over and taking a stroll.

Nothing has the power to stimulate my imagination and curiosity than an old graveyard!

IMG_3611_blogIMG_3612_blogIMG_3618_blog“The mountain’s on fire!”IMG_3623_blog

This little nature hike of mine actually came after I photographed a family in the Ice Rocks area. It was even more fun than taking pictures of the beautiful nature 🙂


A Tour of Ice Rocks In Autumn, Pt. 1

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing in a place I’d never been to before. It’s called the Ice Rocks, and it’s really, really pretty, in any season (I bet).


The cavern begins right at the edge of the road, and dives down into a gully.








Find out next week what’s at the bottom of the gully!