Five Months of Chante

Today I’d like to share with you one of my life’s greatest joys!

About five months ago, God blessed our family with a brand new generation. We have a brand new daughter, niece, and granddaughter, and her name is Chante Brielle! We truly have been en’chante’d. (See what I did there?)


And now here are some of my favorite iPhone photos:

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The Troyer Family

Welcome back to this little space! Today I can finally share with you my latest favorite project. The short hour we had together just flew by. We had so much fun! These family portraits are more fun than I remembered! Anyway, meet the Troyer family. TroyerFamily-1_blogTroyerFamily-8BlogTroyerFamily-29_blogTroyerFamily-36_blogTroyerFamily-48_blogTroyerFamily-38_blogTroyerFamily-31_blogTroyerFamily-26_blogTroyerFamily-10_blogTroyerFamily-7_blogTroyerFamily-5_blogTroyerFamily-6_blogTroyerFamily-2_blogTroyerFamily-18_blogTroyerFamily-12_blogTroyerFamily-13_blog

My Friend Marcina

Hello everyone! Today, help me be happy. One of my very best friends came to visit me for 9 hours last week, and we spent the whole day together. Eating, talking, driving, laughing, napping, taking photos, giggling, catching up on each other’s deep soundwaves. It was good. I love spending time with this girl. We dive so deep, so quick. This girl is going places. (Including Calvary Bible School with me! Eep! 20 more days!)

Anyway, we had this idea, vision, dream. It was specific, particular, and detailed. Which made my job so easy! Marcina takes photos of people herself, so she totally knows how to strike a pose. But standing three feet away with a glass between us added a whole new dimension. You can’t count to three, give instruction, encourage, and show the back of the camera so easy! But we worked with it, and she made it easy.

Marcina-1_blog Marcina-7_blog Marcina-11_blog Marcina-14_blog Marcina-18_blog Marcina-19_blog Marcina-22_blog Marcina-31_blog Marcina-34_blog Marcina-51_blog