Only A Glimpse

One of my favorite things in life is singing! And if there’s an opportunity to sing with a choir, most likely you can find me there. 

My earliest memories of singing in a choir are with Minerva Comunity Choir. This Christmas season, we did a weekend tour in the northeast Ohio area. 

On Saturday, we spent most of the day in Pittsburgh – doing a good amount of exploring and shopping and learning. Our first stop was the Cathedral of Learning, where we toured a few nationality rooms and sang at the Heinz chapel. 

The Heinz Chapel


obligatory bathroom selfie!


Julia and I had the same thought at the same time. She looked at me and said, “Lets go to the top,” and so we did.


Our tour coordinator, Jotham, has the regal look down pat. Capturing the moment is Marian.


the Indian Nationality Room


from the Ukrainian Nationality Room.


The Cathedral of Learning


Behind-the-scenes of a group shot in front of the Heinz Chapel


inside the Heinz Chapel


and this is for you, Barbara!


and then in the evening, we went to East Liverpool, OH, and sang at the end of their Christmas parade. Nathan and Mari Beth Miller, and Katrina Byler joined me on the sidewalk.


it was so cooold!

I hope you enjoyed the little journey into Pittsburgh with me!


Five Months of Chante

Today I’d like to share with you one of my life’s greatest joys!

About five months ago, God blessed our family with a brand new generation. We have a brand new daughter, niece, and granddaughter, and her name is Chante Brielle! We truly have been en’chante’d. (See what I did there?)


And now here are some of my favorite iPhone photos:

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CBS Tales: Part Three — Recreation

I recently came home after experiencing 3rd term at Calvary Bible School. This is my attempt to publicly review those good times. Enjoy the ride!

One day, we went to a local park to hang out, eat pizza, and celebrate Stephen’s birthday. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty drizzly and cold, which made our activities a little bit more complicated. But thankfully, Christy and I rescued the day with our Bag of Fun. We went and got the Party at Walmart, and brought It to a pavilion and had a blast there. There were some people who still chose to play Ultimate Frisbee or Soccer, but we all got together under the pavilion for lunch.



Remember how it was a rainy day? So when we got back to CBS, since we were wet anyway, we jumped into the rushing creek and played a few games of Creek Volleyball!


We had a lot of snow early on in the term, and after class one particularly snowy day, a snowball fight ensued!





One free Saturday, nearly all the student body jumped onto four pontoons and cruised around a lake.




This was what happened at lunch. Photo credits to Jonny Yoder!


Other after school activities included Double Dutch, kayaking, going to the bluffs, lots of volleyball, and Scum, just to name a few.




Even though this doesn’t do everything justice, I hope you enjoyed peeking into our fun times at CBS!