Who Am I? Click Here.

Hi, I’m Diane. I’m still learning a lot about life, although I count nineteen years to have experienced the grace of God in many ways. He continues to express love and forgiveness into my life, and I’m grateful to be living and documenting it.

I live in Holmes County, Ohio, was raised in a family of wrestling boys, my daddy is a preacher, and my mama is a brown-eyed beauty whose roots in this community are rich and deep. I have two official part-time jobs — most of my time is spent with my dad at Tonns Honey, and I spend some of my time at a touristy bulk food store, called Walnut Creek Cheese. I love attending and am a member of Messiah Amish Mennonite Church.

I really enjoy maps, books, green and pink, capital square letters, strangers, binders of choral music, and classrooms.

Here on this public canvas, I attempt to throw strokes of inspiration and encouragement. My life is ordinary, but I am serving a spectacular God!


2 thoughts on “Who Am I? Click Here.

  1. Amanda told me about your blog about CBS last night so I decided to check it out. It wasn’t a good idea. I just want to go back and sing chorus songs and have discussions at the supper table. You did a very good job with fitting in the phrases, it’s only if Amanda’s around that anybody understands what I’m saying. (I know right) I wanted to hear your choir sing Friday night at ( Still Waters Church in Jackson) but my Saturday looks very full and getting home at midnight doesn’t look like a good way to start it. So maybe later.
    Brian Hershberger

    • Thanks Brian! Thanks to you, I will never think of Bart Rathbone the same 🙂 You’re very lucky to have one other person at youth to swap CBS stories with. Especially Amanda! And I won’t be touring with the choir anyway, if that makes you feel better. I hope your weekend events go smoothly!

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